A pure, creamy M!LK bar, refined with buckwheat, almond oil, bourbon vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. Perfect on its own or to create something delicious with. Let your ideas run wild!

100% organic and vegan ingredients, made with fairtrade cocoa from the Dominican Republic. Wrapped in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.







Ingredients: beet sugar*, cocoa butter* 27%, buckwheat flour* 13 %, cocoa mass* 11%, tiger nut flour*, almond oil* 2,5%, hazelnut paste*, sea salt*, bourbon vanilla extract*.

*from organic agriculture.

Allergy advice:
May contain other tree nuts, milk and gluten. 
Not suitable for people with milk allergy.

Nutritional values

PACKAGING WASTE IS ANNOYING! That is why we try to pack our chocolate as ecologically as possible. For a long time we have been using a natural film alternative that looks like plastic, but is made from sustainably obtained wood fiber. Under optimal conditions, the film can even be home composted within 50 days. The outer cardboard box is made of wood from sustainable forestry and printed exclusively with mineral oil-free printing inks.


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