Unknown crispy biscuit UFOs from the constellation ‘Oreo’n enters the atmosphere of the Rice Choc planet “Cocoa 40”. An intergalactic fraternity! The ‘Mars’ians and milky way cleaners living behind the moon look over enviously…


– Cookie Monster –

Ingredients: raw cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, cocoa mass *, rice drink powder * 13% (rice syrup *, dried), cocoa biscuit * 12% (wheat flour *, cocoa powder *, raw cane sugar *, coconut fat *, sugar beet syrup *, sea salt), hazelnut pulp *, Bourbon vanilla extract *. Cocoa: at least 40%. *organically grown.

Possible trace ingredients:
other nuts and milk

Safety note: As we cannot rule out the above mentioned traces 100 percent, we recommend strong allergy sufferers to better avoid the consumption of iChoc.

 Nutritional values

PACKAGING WASTE is annoying! That is why we try to pack our chocolate as ecologically as possible. For a long time we have been using a natural film alternative that looks like plastic, but is made from sustainably obtained wood fiber. Under optimal conditions, the film can even be home composted within 50 days. The outer cardboard box is made of wood from sustainable forestry and printed exclusively with mineral oil-free printing inks.

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