We love
our planet

That is why we pack our chocolates in an ecologically sensible manner. For us, it just doesn’t make sense if the ingredients of our chocolates meet the highest possible organic standards, but not their packaging.

For this reason, we have decided to pack our iChoc varieties in a natural film that is produced from sustainably obtained wood fiber. This film looks like plastic, but surprisingly is made entirely of natural materials. Therefore, it can be conveniently disposed of in the compost at home and would even decompose in flowing water if it were to travel unintentionally … A great alternative to aluminum or plastic.

We have been asked whether the film could not be left out of the packaging entirely. Unfortunately, this is not possible, since without it an effective product protection could not be guaranteed. Cocoa is a very fatty raw material that reacts sensitively to external influences and could bind with harmful substances or foreign tastes.

The outer box of our chocolate consists of FSC®-certified cardboard, produced from wood from sustainable forestry. We print these boxes exclusively with ecological, mineral oil-free printing inks.

All iChoc chocolates are of course produced in a climate-neutral manner. This means that the CO2 emissions generated in the chocolate factory are offset in the same amount via a cocoa-related climate protection project by “Climate Partner” in Sierra Leone.

Not with us!

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