Choco Puffed Rice Squares

- Vegan Nippon Style -

In Germany, there is a traditional confectionery consisting quite simply of puffed rice, cereals and cocoa cream covered in chocolate. “Nippon” has been delighting its many fans since 1956, but it is not available in vegan. We can change that by producing it ourselves. The small, vegan puffed rice squares are really super simple and quick to make – the longest time is needed for setting in the fridge. And because it’s so simple, we’ve made two variations for you – with m!lk-l!ke chocolate in brown and white.


For 2 square baking frames or 2 baking trays

  • 2-3 bars iChoc White Vanilla Chocolate
  • 2-3 bars iChoc Planty Classic Schokolade
  • 100 g puffed rice

How to make it

1. Melt the chocolate separately in two bain-maries. If available, use a kitchen thermometer to check the temperature does not exceed 50 °C.

2. You can also dip the finished Nippons in chocolate or decorate them with it. If desired, put some melted chocolate aside.

3. Mix half of the puffed rice with the brown chocolate and half with the white chocolate and place each in a baking frame. Alternatively, you can use 2 baking trays lined with baking paper to shape the mixture.

4. Leave to set in the fridge for 1 hour. Then cut into small squares with a sharp knife.

5. If desired, heat the remaining chocolate again in the bain-maries and dip in the finished Nippons with one corner. The Nippons can also be decorated with chocolate sprinkles. Leave to dry on baking paper before serving.

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