Recipe: White Vanilla Coco Pops

If you are into little treats that are quite easy to be made, then definitely try out these wonderful cake pops with iChoc „White Vanilla“ chocolate. They look totally sweet and – the best is – taste even better!

What you need

> 2 cups of shredded coconut
> 2 spoons of cacao powder
> 5 – 6 medjool dates or a few more of regular size
> 1 spoon maple syrup
> 1 spoon coconut oil (melted)
> 1 iChoc White Vanilla chocolate
> 15 – 20 cake pop sticks

How you create it

Blend all these ingredients until you get a gooey mass, which you can easily shape into little balls. Then insert one stick in to each ball. After you’re done place them in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Melt the „White Vanilla“ iChoc bar on the medium heat. When it’s melted, dip each coconut ball in the white chocolate and spin it slowly for a second or two until the chocolate hardens again and place then in the glass or a jar one by one.

You can play with colors and dip some balls into dark chocolate and also spray different chocolates on top of the other to create interesting yummy patterns.

Images and recipe © Ivana Večerina