In our opinion, ‘vegan’ has to mean more than just ‘free from animal products’…

Organic ingredients, environmentally-friendly packaging and fair wages for suppliers are all equally important to use in the production of ethical chocolate

natureflex-LogoConsequently ecological

Therefore, all the raw materials we use are verified as being 100% organic and the packaging for the bars is FSC-certified, and has a compostable NatureFlex film, a ‘green’ alternative to traditional aluminium foil.

Cocoa from organic intercropping


We obtain our cocoa from well-structured farming co-operatives in the Dominican Republic. The country is considered to be more economically solid than the West African nations that produce cocoa. As a result, the raw material suppliers do not generally need to resort to using dubious methods such as child labour or financial exploitation of farmers. Our fair mandatory wages offer the farmers the security they need to plan for the future, and enable them to make financial progress which will benefit the entire farming community.

The cocoa is farmed in so-called ‘mixed cultivations’. These are areas in which the natural flora and fauna of the country is retained and no forest clearance takes place. The cocoa benefits from the diversity of its surroundings, developing fascinating nuances in its flavour.